CAMPAIGN 44 Part Three


09/09/2016– Over 600,000 STEM-related technical jobs in the United States go unfilled. Preparing young people with the skills that will help meet that incredible demand will help the economy, as well as help kids find a productive career, one that clearly knows few bounds. Input from a multidisciplinary team of employers and education professionals has ben invaluable in creating the STEM Academy platform that delivers the skills needed to meet the demands of the 21st century job market.

Being involved in this project goes far beyond making an investment. This STEM program has built in hundreds of skills and competencies, however three key components govern the design:

Creative and innovative thinking people will use and create technology and solutions that change our lives. Students in schools should be learning to be creative and innovative without boundaries.

Ultimately, everyone will find himself or herself seeking employment. Students should be learning the employability skills that will evolve them into desired employees.

There are many ways to find a solution. Students should be learning to use technology, tools, and their own knowledge to solve problems and generate new ideas.

Corporate partners could directly benefit from a capable, diverse pipeline of talented young people that have these characteristics built into their “DNA”. This program can be an integral part of the process to ensure future employees are well prepared for problems we can’t predict today.


44.1% of Bronx STEM 101 students are interested in pursuing a STEM career representing a 10.1% increase from 2015. National students interested in STEM: 23.4%.


“We had all the classrooms running and you could tell by just listening what room STEM was happening in. There was such excitement and engagement in the STEM classrooms! We have had all kinds of programs come in here and this was the first one that actually did what we expected it to. All kids work together in the program here. Special education kids were working alongside Kids taking the regents exam. Here’s the thing though, you walked into that classroom and you couldn’t tell who was who. The special education kids were engaged in the work and creating awesome solutions alongside advanced academic kids. Often the special ed student’s solutions would far exceed the ones designed by the advanced academic kids. It was truly awesome!” -Vince Gasetto Principal Academy Of Applied Mathematics And Technology Bronx, NY

“A group of kids randomly came to my office and asked if they would be able to do this during the school year. Spontaneous acknowledgement of a great program!” -Tyneka Harrington Principal Blueprint Middle School Bronx, NY

“The STEM academy helps bridge the gap between what students learn in theory and its application. The application brings the learning experience full circle, as it is in essence what will move science forward in this nation.” -Natalie Martinez Teacher Academy Of Applied Mathematics And Technology Bronx, NY

“STEM 101 stimulates students’ inquiry by providing tools that allow for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics connections to come to life. As a result I’ve seen students dare to challenge societal problems with STEM based solutions.” -Nathalie Deller Teacher Laboratory School of Finance and Technology Bronx, NY