Las Vegas Metro Police Department

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is a proud sponsor of the Law Enforcement Explorer Program. This volunteer program gives young men and women ages 16 to 20 a unique hands-on chance to determine if they want to pursue a career in law enforcement. It also builds trust and cooperation between youth and the police department, and enhances self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

Racine Fire

The City of Racine Fire Department is a dedicated team of fire service professionals and we are proud to serve the citizens of Racine. Through teamwork, training, and communications we provide fire protection services, fire prevention and inspection services, basic and advanced life support services, and public education services. We are a high quality, cost effective service provider to our citizens.

Racine Dive Team

The Racine Dive Team responds to certain situations such as, but not limited to, emergencies, natural disasters, man made catastrophes, or acts of terrorism where personnel, specialized skill or equipment to perform functions within and outside of Racine County is desirable and necessary to preserve life and in certain cases obtain vital material items to assist the Sheriff in the performance of its duties.