Globally, Komatsu has more than 60,000 employees in 142 countries. In the United States we employ nearly 8,000 directly and nearly 10,000 indirectly through distribution. With service centers and manufacturing facilities across the globe, we aim to be near areas of major mining activity to support our customers directly and collaborate regularly.

Komatsu was founded in Japan in 1921, but our brand histories date back even further, to 1884 in Milwaukee, WI, USA, where the P&H mining brand was founded and is still headquartered today.

Robotics & Automation

Digitization and automation are transforming our world by enabling smarter ways of working Digitization and automation are two of today’s most important trends. They have combined to transform the way we live, work, play and produce. These technologies are enabling platforms like connected mobility, smart grids and smart cities, and in turn advancing the shift toward urbanization and making megacities a reality. For commerce, digitization and automation are providing a high-tech foundation for the next industrial evolution. Already, connected ecosystems of people, assets and information are helping forward-thinking organizations improve cost efficiency, productivity, safety and quality while driving down time-to-market. Let’s take a look at how these trends are opening up new opportunities for businesses.

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