As a student looking to the future, do you feel the rebel spirit? Do you believe in unity, individuality and personal freedom? We do too. Since the beginning, Harley-Davidson has proudly and authentically stood up for all of these things. And that stands true today with our mission:

More than building machines, we stand for the timeless pursuit of adventure. Freedom for the soul.

Harley-Davidson manufactures and sells an expanding range of distinctive and customizable motorcycles that feature leading-edge styling, innovative design, distinctive sound, and superior quality with the ability to personalize. We also bring the brand to life through:

  • Riding experiences, training and events
  • Motorcycle parts and accessories
  • Riding apparel and gear

Learn Electronics

This project covers the basics of electronic circuitry. Users will learn the difference in series and parallel circuits while being creative with placing lights and coloring various Harley-Davison motorcycle scenes.

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Learn How To Wire Simple Electrical Circuits

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Learn about electrical flow, resistance, switches and use creativity to light Harley-Davidson scenes.