Properties of Flight

This unit reviews the history of flight, parts of a plane, and the four forces of flight. Students use the forces of flight to design, construct, and modify a paper airplane that flies the farthest.   Items needed to complete unit activities: Paper Airplanes Hallway Flight (per 24 students)  Time: 1-2 Hours Name Quanity Consumable […]

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Hours In this unit, students learn about density, buoyancy and a brief history of aerostats.  Students will work in pairs to design and construct a 4-foot balloon that can hold as much payload as possible while still maintaining the capability to fly.   Items needed to complete unit activities: Hot Air Balloon (per 24 students)  […]

Discovering Sketching and Drafting

Students learn the basics of orthographic drawings including the three views (front, right, and top), types of lines, and how different views share certain dimensions. Students progress from free-hand sketches to making scaled orthographic drawings using drafting tools.   Items needed to complete unit activities: 10 Sketching Challenges  (per 24 students)  Time: 8-10 Hours Total […]

Discovering Computer Science and Electronics 2.0

Thanks to its simple and accessible user experience, Arduino has been used in thousands of different projects and applications.  Teachers and students use it to build low cost scientific instruments, to prove chemistry and physics principles, or to get started with programming and robotics.  In this unit, students will build and test 9 different experiments. […]

Discovering Architecture

Students learn how to create a scaled floor plan through an exploration in bubble diagrams, loose-line drawings, dimensioning, and real-world constraints and criteria. Architectural Designers Homework Core Concepts of Technology Design-Folio Part I: Design Process Design-Folio Part II: Visualization and Spatialization Design-Folio Part III: Loose-Line Drawing/Dimensioning Design-Folio Part IV: Floor Planning Time: 8-10 Hours Total […]

Coding and 2D Design

This unit teaches the basics of creating a 2D game through instructional videos. Students investigate nuclear weapons, prevention, and neutralization while creating their own game about preventing nuclear terror. Items needed to complete unit activities: Multimedia Fusion 2 Grand Challenge- Prevent Nuclear Terror (per 24 students)  Time: 4 ~ 8 Hours Name Quanity Consumable Windows […]

Manufacturing a Product

This unit reviews the components that make up the manufacturing process such as safety, design, purchasing, processing, production, packaging, and distribution. Students learn about the three types of manufacturing, custom, job lot, and mass production, and experience the process by designing and manufacturing their own refrigerator magnet. Time: 1-2 Hours Items needed to complete unit […]

Advanced Architecture

This unit builds on the Discovering Architecture unit by giving students the opportunity to take their floor plans and turn them into scaled models. Students estimate the cost of construction, learn about permits, calculate mortgage, and build a model of their floor plans. Class models can be combined to create a neighborhood and students can […]