What is Engineering?

Engineering is problem solving, plain and simple. However, how you solve the problem requires information, analysis, and the ability to see where the problem lies. This unit allows students to explore how this can be done with a simple stress test that will get your students up and moving. The problems come up during this […]

Principles of Engineering

This STEM course is a basic introduction to engineering for all students. Students who complete this course will learn the concepts necessary in order to develop their ideas into solutions that will improve our lives. Exciting hands-on learning activities like data comparison of heart rates, rating consumer products, destructive testing and building speakers apply math, science, history and English content from other courses in a STEM experience. This course makes science and mathematics more engaging, interesting, concrete, and relevant. The course’s intention and purpose is to educate students in a “main line” method providing STEM education for everyone. While providing a STEM based education for all students, those interested in becoming practicing engineers clearly benefit from this course content.

Industry Design Challenge

The Mini-design challenge was just a warm-up.  This is the real deal!  Now you have several more units of information to add to what can be done!  Have the students use this second opportunity to understand the mistakes of the past and make sure they see how their approaches were different or not different at […]

Fluid Power 3.0

In this awesome hands on unit, students investigate and apply Pascal’s law and Boyles Law as well as determine ratios between similar and dissimilar volumes acting on one another.  Students also investigate the various factors affecting projectile motion and apply their learning while building a pneumatic t-shirt launcher! Fluid Power: A Force for Change Fluid […]

Golf Course Development

Everything that students have done up to this point can be poured into creating a dream golf course. Talk about an introduction into Civil Engineering, this is it.  With the sport of Golf not slowing down, this will be a real-world experience.  Do not be afraid to have students take on other sports using the […]

Gantt and Flow Charts

The precision required to execute elements of an Engineered solution takes excellent planning. Gantt and Flow Charts allow students to make such plans and stay on target. Time: 1-2 Hours


What do you do with the world as the robots take over?  How do we deal with the advancements of the 21st Century when humanity’s privacy, their social standing, even their existence might be threatened?  In this unit, students will think creatively about two of the challenges facing our society as the 21st Century unfolds. […]

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

When you can spot all the possible failures in a design, you save a bunch of time, effort, and energy.  To understand the effects of those failures will be makes this training more effective.  Understanding and then applying these FMEA procedures as you look at products will get your students ready to look at their […]

Engineering Work Experience

Time to look at what your students strengths and weaknesses are.  How do those skills translate to the work world?  Which of those skills can be improved through the class?  Match those career dreams with work experience activities designed to improve those necessary skills. Engineering Work Exercises and Activities Assignment Time: 1 Hour

Electrical Circuits 2.0

So students understand the basics of electricity, so what can you do with it?  How about play with electrolytes?  Explore the relationship between electricity and magnetism?  How about learning what all those symbols mean so that you can read the foreign language that is electricity? Open and Closed circuits Conductors and Insulators Series and Parallel […]