What can I do to become more familiar with Product Design and Manufacturing?

The Problem:

Develop and design a product (a refrigerator magnet) that will be produced utilizing a specific method of manufacturing.

This is an activity that teaches the different aspects of manufacturing through the eyes of the designer. You will develop teams that will design a product utilizing custom, and mass production as the process to produce a product for sale.

The question is will it sell?

You will develop and design the final product as well as figure out how to set up the management, labor, and design aspects that affect the resulting outcome of the product. The goal is to effectively produce and sell the largest percentage of magnets as it relates to the materials supplied. A Quality Assessment Manager (principal, local business dignitary, parent, etc.) will evaluate the quality of the end product and determine if it is fit for sale. If it meets the specifications (negotiated by the class prior to the manufacturing run), each team will try to sell their products throughout the school within a designated period of time. There will be unknown circumstances imposed on your team that will challenge your ability to produce the product, but the ultimate challenge will be your team’s ability to problem solve and see the outcome of selling the product throughout the process.