STEM education and career pathways can best be achieved by connecting learners to relevant, real world experiences. Through the Connections Program, students will gain an in depth look into careers with STEM companies such as Johnson Controls. There also will be an opportunity for teachers, parents and mentors to order and build a JCI specific project to learn basic HVAC, Fire and Security solutions as well as data tracking an information processing.

How does JCI benefit: JCI benefits in several ways 1) a National and international venue to market and investment in students, 2) an avenue for sales to highlight specific, diverse workforce development, 3) a connection point for JCI’s philanthropic programs.

Because of STEM 101’s digital learning and practical projects, there is a US, Canada and perhaps global reach. It is not geographically centered and does not require a lot of JCI effort to sustain. The model is very scalable and can be applied in many ways. STEM 101 reaches into neighborhoods where a career in a trade or with a STEM company may not be well known and it will provide a direct connection to our diversity initiatives.