STEM 101 partners with Hill Air Force Base

by Jan 29, 2018

STEM 101 develops education outreach, community relations and workforce development resource for Hill Air Force Base.

Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) is the one of the largest employers in the State of Utah with over 25,000 employees. Of the in demand STEM career pathways available through HAFB, most are civilian, and reside in the areas of engineering or computer programming. Unfortunately, too many students perceive careers available through HAFB to be directly related to flying fighter jets.

Russell Mickelson, CEO of STEM 101, “Students don’t know what they don’t know. Student’s won’t aspire to career pathways they don’t know exist. Leveraging technology we can bridge the STEM career awareness gap for all students regardless of socio-economic standing and illuminate education pathways to high paying, in-demand careers”.

STEM 101 partnered with HAFB to develop an effective education outreach, community relations and workforce development resource. This resource will allow students to learn first-hand about in demand careers from virtual mentors, tour facilities and complete a project directly aligned to HAFB core workforce competencies.

Alison Sturgeon, STEM Program Manager at Hill Air Force Base, “STEM 101 will allow us to highlight in-demand careers at Hill Air Force Base while promoting student pursuit of higher levels of math and science education”.