Manufacturing a Product

This unit reviews the components that make up the manufacturing process such as safety, design, purchasing, processing, production, packaging, and distribution. Students learn about the three types of manufacturing, custom, job lot, and mass production, and experience the process by designing and manufacturing their own refrigerator magnet.

Time: 1-2 Hours

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Teamwork is important in the classroom and the engineering field. Students read about why teamwork is so important in this field and how engineers work together on projects. Students complete activities that focus on working with and communicating with team members.

Time: 1-2 Hours

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Introduction to Problem Solving

This unit introduces students to problem solving techniques and methods.  Students explore magnetism and how running an electric current through a wire coil can create an electric field.  Students will experiment with materials to build a working speaker where sound is produced by using an electromagnet and a permanent magnet. Students will learn about different STEM careers through research and creating a career brochure.

Time: 5-6 Hours

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Defining the Problem

This unit will show students how to define a problem, variables, and proper experimentation. These exciting rocket based activities introduce students to the design of controlled experiments including the isolation of variables, methodical approaches to problem solving, and the engineering design process. Students get hands on experience through constructing three types of rockets.

Time: 8-12 Hours

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Exploring Engineering

This unit introduces what engineers do and different types of engineering fields. Students collect data and reflect on their processes as they investigate water usage, experiment with efficiently filling molds, and explore wind as an energy source.

Time: 7-11 Hours

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History of Engineering

This unit introduces students to the history of engineering by highlighting major discoveries and famous engineers and inventors. Students reflect on these ground breakers and write a report on the greatest engineer. They get a chance to model a historical weapon by designing and creating their own catapults.

Time: 10-14 Hours

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Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Hours In this unit, students learn about density, buoyancy and a brief history of aerostats.  Students will work in pairs to design and construct a 4-foot balloon that can hold as much payload as possible while still maintaining the capability to fly.

  • Hot air balloon

Time: 1-2 Hours

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Creating Solutions

Students’ creativity and ability to execute a plan is put to the test. This unit presents students with three open-ended problems and they must design, construct, and test their solutions while keeping in mind Newton’s three laws. The problems include creating a speedboat to propel across water, a Newton scooter to move across land, and a tower composed of straws and paperclips that will hold weight while withstanding earthquakes.

Time: 4-8 Hours

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Medical Technologies Design

This unit investigates how engineering is used within the medical field. Students investigate advancements in medical technologies, sanitation, and genetic engineering. Students get to design and construct their own medical instruments, track a virus being spread in the classroom, and grow bacteria in petri dishes.

Time: 4 Hours

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Discovering Computer Science and Electronics 2.0 

Thanks to its simple and accessible user experience, Arduino has been used in thousands of different projects and applications.  Teachers and students use it to build low cost scientific instruments, to prove chemistry and physics principles, or to get started with programming and robotics.  In this unit, students will build and test 9 different experiments.

  • Flowing LED lights
  • Buzzer
  • Photoresistor
  • Relay
  • Tilt switch
  • Thermistor
  • Light Alarm

Time: 2-3 Hours

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