Fluid Power 3.0

In this awesome hands on unit, students investigate and apply Pascal’s law and Boyles Law as well as determine ratios between similar and dissimilar volumes acting on one another.  Students also investigate the various factors affecting projectile motion and apply their learning while building a pneumatic t-shirt launcher!

  • Fluid Power: A Force for Change
  • Fluid Power Literacy
  • T-Shirt Launcher

9-12 Hours

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Electrical Circuits 2.0

So students understand the basics of electricity, so what can you do with it?  How about play with electrolytes?  Explore the relationship between electricity and magnetism?  How about learning what all those symbols mean so that you can read the foreign language that is electricity?

  • Open and Closed circuits
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Making an Electromagnet

5-10 Hours

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Measurement (2.0)

This highly popular unit includes all the tools and lessons needed for students to measure and demonstrate the correct use of rulers, protractors, micrometers, dial and digital calipers.

  • Measurement Activity-Book Smart
  • Measurement Assignment (Imperial)-Learning
  • Measurement Assignment (Metric)
  • Ruler Activity
  • Tape Measure Activity
  • Protractor Assignment
  • Dial Caliper Assignment
  • Digital Calipers Assignment
  • Dial Calipers Assignment
  • Micrometer Assignment

Time: 8 Hours

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Teamwork and Concurrent Engineering

This unit can be done when you are going to be relying on teams. Each of these activities are designed to help students think about working as a team.  Airplane in a Box speaks to asking the right questions.  Precision Instructions reinforces the Engineering and Technical Communication earlier.  Desert Survival is a great exercise in leadership, listening, and following through.

  • Airplane in a Box
  • Precision Instructions
  • Desert Survival

4-6 Hours

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Basic Electricity 2.0

Electricity is a big mystery to people.  They hear it is dangerous, they know that they can flip on a switch to get it, but very few know what happens once that switch or circuit is now open.  What is Ohm’s law?  How does a switch work?  How about you create a game that allows you to see everything work?  Do not sleep on introducing the equations of Ohm’s law and have students use them to understand what is going on in that circuit.

  • First Circuit
  • Circuit with Switch
  • STEM Operation!

3-6 Hours

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Introduction to Electromagnetism and Induction

Nothing is more exciting than watching Electromagnetism at work.  Taking something invisible and having the students explore it to the point of mastery is a worthy experience for any student.  Being able to make a speaker is just icing on the cake.  With such experience, what could the possibilities be?

  • Introduction to Electromagnetism and Induction
  • Magnets and Electromagnets
  • Faradays Electromagnetic Lab
  • Building a Foam Plate Speaker
  • Speaker/Ear Research

7-8 Hours

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The Electric Guitar

This is it, the build up is over!  Students will finally be able to put all that hard work and knowledge into making an Electric Guitar of their own design.  Remember those precise instructions?  All those lessons on how to communicate their problems as they solve them?  This is where all those great ideas, and not so great ideas, get recorded!  Show us the journey to your solution!

  • Introduction and Anatomy of an Electric Guitar
  • Guitar Design Portfolio

6-11 Hours

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