Force and Motion

Learn how to use an accelerometer to measure, track and record the motion of objects. Learn how to make predictions on strategies and improvements.


Can only pilots join the Air Force?

The Air Force is constantly searching for the next generation of experts to design and develop the future technology to defend our country. As the pace of technology and scientific discovery continues to increase, there is an increased demand for physicists in the Air Force.

“So what do Air Force physicists (61D’s) actually do? Over their first 5-10 years on active duty, most 61Ds are assigned to work cutting edge research & development projects and next-generation weapon system acquisition programs under Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force Space Command, Air Force Special Operations Command and other major commands. These assignments may include experimental design and data analysis, launching new satellites, briefing members of Congress, and fielding state-of-the-art technologies. Bottom line: the Air Force depends critically on 61Ds for their scientific expertise, critical thinking skills, fresh perspectives and new ideas applied to the nation’s toughest (and often highly classified) technical challenges in the pursuit of maintaining US air, space and cyberspace dominance for decades to come.”

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