Jessica Boon, the Director of Operations for STEM 101, is a seasoned professional whose career journey reflects a commitment to excellence in leadership, community engagement, and youth mentorship. With a foundation in successful restaurant ownership and management, Jessica’s stores were not only recognized for Legendary Guest Service but also acclaimed at the national brand level for Exceptional Leadership Training. Her passion for creating exceptional experiences extended beyond the business realm, as she led her establishments to become some of the highest-performing in community involvement and fundraising efforts.

In her current role at STEM 101, Jessica brings her multifaceted expertise to oversee the operational aspects of a dynamic organization dedicated to STEM education. Her strategic leadership ensures the smooth execution of STEM programs, fostering an environment where innovation and education thrive. A standout aspect of Jessica’s commitment lies in her dedication to STEM 101’s vision of providing quality STEM educational opportunities to every student, anywhere. She actively works towards refining processes, searching for new areas of opportunity, and collaborating with educators to continuously improve STEM resources and make them more accessible to the schools that need them.

Before joining STEM 101, Jessica made significant contributions to a national restaurant brand, where she played a pivotal role in crafting training and culture content. Her dedication to fostering a positive work environment and prioritizing both guest and team experiences set her apart in the industry. Academically, Jessica pursued studies at UW Fond du Lac and holds an associate degree from UW Oshkosh.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica finds joy in exploring the outdoors with her family. Her holistic approach to life, blending professional excellence with personal fulfillment, makes Jessica Boon a notable figure in the realm of operations, community engagement, and leadership within the STEM education sector.