Apple 5th Avenue volunteers in collaboration with STEM 101 and Mr. October Foundation mentor middle school students.

On July 31, 2017 we had our first volunteer event with middles schools in the Bronx for their Summer Bridge STEM program. We are working with The Stem Academy and former Yankee Reggie Jackson’s Mr. October Foundation to create volunteer opportunities to support NYC public schools in the STEM curriculum. We are the first volunteers to support this program and looking to narrow the student to teacher ratio gap with volunteers as mentors to the students and assistants for the teachers.

For the science projects we worked on with the students, we had made a bridge, balloon air powered cars, hot air balloons and ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicle). The kids had a blast learning and making these machines. It has been a long time since any of us were in a classroom and we had good refresher lessons from the science teachers.

Overall the experience working with the kids and teachers was one of the most fun any of us had volunteering. The activity is engaging and kept us on our toes. Working with the kids and seeing their eyes light up when their project was successful was the most rewarding. We hope to continue this partnership in the fall and future summers.