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We partner with companies to connect students and adult learners to in-demand career pathways. Corporations and government entities partner with STEM 101 to develop real-world projects for classroom and workforce service use.

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Inspire, engage, and prepare your students for 21st century careers with the STEM 101 curriculum.

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A more diverse future begins by inspiring learners pursuit of Academic and Career pathways. Connecting adults directly with entry-level careers further develops the workforce pipeline.




STEM 101’s middle grades repository includes over 400 hours of blended-learning curriculum and project-based activities for in-school, after-school and summer bridge programming. Repository units include: learning objectives, teacher resources, content knowledge, student activity, STEM connections and assessments.



STEM 101’s high school curriculum features over 3,000 hours of blended-learning curriculum and project-based activities for in-school, after-school and summer bridge programming. Curriculum units include: learning objectives, teacher resources, content knowledge, student activity, STEM connections and assessments.



We partner with companies to connect students and adult learners to in-demand career pathways. Corporations and government entities partner with STEM 101 to develop real-world projects for classroom and workforce service use.



STEM 101 in partnership with business has developed a fast-track training program to qualify unemployed/low-income adults for rewarding careers.




The STEM Academy, Inc. aka STEM 101 is a national non-profit thought leader and provider of STEM education programs. STEM 101 provides 21st century career minded curriculum, instructor training and administrator coaching to inspire, engage, and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. STEM 101’s flexible use, national standards-based curriculum is a powerful resource for in-school, after-school, or summer bridge programming for all schools; public, private, and charter.


STEM education and career pathways can best be achieved by connecting learners to relevant, real world experiences. Through the Connections Program, students will gain an in depth look into careers with STEM companies such as Johnson Controls. There also will be an opportunity for teachers, parents and mentors to order and build a JCI specific project to learn basic HVAC, Fire and Security solutions as well as data tracking an information processing.

How does JCI benefit: JCI benefits in several ways 1) a National and international venue to market and investment in students, 2) an avenue for sales to highlight specific, diverse workforce development, 3) a connection point for JCI’s philanthropic programs.

Because of STEM 101’s digital learning and practical projects, there is a US, Canada and perhaps global reach. It is not geographically centered and does not require a lot of JCI effort to sustain. The model is very scalable and can be applied in many ways. STEM 101 reaches into neighborhoods where a career in a trade or with a STEM company may not be well known and it will provide a direct connection to our diversity initiatives.

Alison Neuman
Program Manager Workforce Development, Johnson Controls
{Harley-Davidson’s decision to sponsor a STEM 101 Connections project was a great step in our K-12 STEM outreach efforts. STEM 101 took this idea of highlighting in-demand electrical careers and turned it into a well-designed, engaging and comprehensive project for students – one that allows students to do something hands-on, exposing them to the very basics of electrical circuits, and one that makes a direct connection to our company, various career paths and opportunities, and at the same time, it also brings visibility to our brand.{
Shanna Beanan
Talent Acquisition, Harely-Davidson
{Students get access to a plethora of opportunities through the STEM 101 Connections Program. STEM 101 organizes the companies they work with into different fields to give students access to career information in different spheres of engineering that aren’t conventionally thought of. Through the STEM 101 page, students are able to find companies that fit their interests easier than looking solely on their own. Finally, these projects are very accessible to anyone who wants to learn and isn’t limited to a classroom setting.{
Student, Pewaukee Schools
{Our partnership with STEM 101 is mission aligned and stakeholder centric comprised of industry, students, educators, and community. MPS believes children should be given every opportunity to learn which requires innovative approaches to close critical gaps concerning communities that have been disproportionately impacted due to socioeconomic factors. Children who grow up in and around poverty are confronted with greater educational challenges than are children who do not face similar circumstances. Therefore, it is our firm belief the Connections Program through STEM 101 provides complimentary supports for the school district’s COIN initiative which targets specific workforce preference goals for students and constituents interested in pursuing a skilled-trade career pathway.{
Regina Flores
Manager of Contract Compliance Services, Milwaukee Public Schools


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Memorial Day Weekend is a time to remember water safety. STEM 101 with @Racine Fire is providing these PSA videos to help you and your loved ones remember our fallen heroes safely. #stem #watersafety #memorialday #racinefire #stemeducation #communitysafety

Please be safe this weekend. @racine fire
is here to help you with your emergencies.

Last week, we visited our schools we are in partnership with in St. Louis, through our work with Mr. October Foundation. Students at @Kairos Academies have participated this spring in our fully funded program, along with 6 other St. Louis Middle Schools. Seeing the growth of knowledge of these young learners, watching them be inspired, is what we love the most about our STEM 101 work. #stem #stemeducation #middleschoolstem #stlouis #learners #stemprograms ...

Our hands-on learning units inspire all ranges of students, and teach skills that will last a lifetime. If your school or institution is interested in our programing, contact us today!

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Had a great time last week with Racine Fire and Rescue filming videos and PSA with their Dive Team. #education #stem #careers #firefighters #diveteam #racinefire ...

Had a great time this weekend with high school juniors and seniors at our Fastrac program. For more information about getting your students involved, or having your company represented to meet future employees, contact us today!

Fastrac Info:


STEM 101 is a proud sponsor of two SkillsUSA Wisconsin competition events.

At these two events, over 250 students and 77 teams from all over the state are hard at work creating their future.

For more information, contact us at

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Great time at NSTA in Houston! Meeting Education Professionals and Industries, being inspired by all the amazing things learners are being introduced to! #education #stem #stemeducation #scienceeducation ...

Our hands on kits reach all level of learners. Our wall section unit is one of them.

With @mortenson as our partner, we introduce construction, measurement and math skills though the project.

Virtual Mentors and lessons online allow for easy understanding of the concepts, and provide learners with numerous introductions to employees in the construction fields, and show our future workforce multiple career paths.

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Middle School learners love our hands-on educational kits. This one is teaching them about circuits, and sponsored by @harleydavidson

Our free content offers in depth interviews with employees and mentors. Learners are introduced to your company, seeing what it's like to work there, and what kinds of employment you offer. Our free content can be found at

If you're interested in becoming involved in our STEM program, contact us today!


We had a wonderful time last week at the WTEA Conference! For those who missed it, we are offering our free content to all teachers, administrators and learners. Visit to see all our units.

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Interesting in becoming a connections partner? We build STEM Educational Units that are branded to your company, and teach skills your future employees will need. Contact us today to learn more about workforce development!

"As a multi-generational family-owned company, AriensCo is passionate about fostering the next generation of students and employees. Being a sponsor of the Connections program has been a great opportunity for AriensCo to support learning and development. It has allowed us to share more about our company as well as our continuous improvement journey."
Jeff Kerns- Ariens Co Director of Continuous Improvement and Quality

To view the Ariens Connection Page, click below.

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True STEM Education Advances Economic Development

STEM should be rooted in the interdisciplinary application of designed in a cooperative effort to provide students with comprehensive, meaningful real-world learning experiences. STEM education provides a bridge for students, education providers and the business community to more effectively develop learning pathways in technology-driven careers. Economic growth will directly correlate to our ability to engage the neglected majority of students in real-world STEM experiences.

Education Inquries

STEM 101 academic team provides districts and schools with onsite analytics on how to best utilize existing resources and facilities to maximize STEM education practice and impact.

Government Inquiries

STEM 101’s executive team provides government entities with education roadmap consulting on best practices to develop the STEM technical workforce pipeline for targeted sectors of the economy.

Corporate Inquiries

STEM 101’s executive team is building an uprecedented bridge between corporations and education. Corporations that invest are interested in investing in education will realize ROI(return on investment) via the workforce pipeline developed.



Feel fully prepared to pursue any option after high school.



Plan on post high school education/training.



Are interested in pursuing a STEM career.

(USA average: 23%)