NASCAR STEM Initiative - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
April 17, 2011

NASCAR announces the endorsement of the culminating activity from Introduction to Engineering course as contributed by the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge or NASCAR STEM Initiative. The NASCAR-themed curriculum is a paralleling student activity to the arduous preparation of a real NASCAR team. Students optimize performance of a one-tenth scale race car just like the NASCAR professionals in track garages all across the country. They also innovate in the fields of sustainable transportation by charging their car batteries "off the grid". The culminating activity is a powerful tool for high schools to promote STEM education, i.e. courses as participating students hold the race in a public forum the entire student population to enjoy.

"Motorsports, and NASCAR in particular, is the only sport won or lost with the consistent application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics," said Jim Obermeyer, NASCAR managing director of brand and consumer marketing. "NASCAR hopes to provide 'heroes' for students of STEM, encouraging them to study fields widely used in the sport. We look forward to playing a major role in the educational development of America's youth."

Russell Mickelson, CEO of The STEM Academy, "The TEN80 Student Racing Challenge or NASCAR STEM Initiative is exciting to students even if they don't consider themselves race fans because of the connection to something real. It is right for The STEM Academy because the curriculum meets the high standards for excellence that our development team has set." Terri Stripling, President of TEN80 Education, "The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative features more than 14 million possible setup combinations for the car and offers a wide range of subjects for investigation from basic scientific method to upper level calculus, the program works to bring real-world math modeling to students of all backgrounds and talents, including a focus on underserved student populations."